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Hotel & Tours (Auberge Restaurant Wilderness Lodge) is a berber inn located in the centre of Ksar Hassilabied Merzouga, the southern region of Morocco. Wilderness Lodge is located in Hassi Labied, a small village right in front of the Erg Chibbie, a pink dessert near the border with Algeria.

The interior is made of desert walls, and the interior is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The view from the rooftop terrace is lined with beautiful sand dune peaks, and you can see the sunrise and sunset from the desert. You can enjoy it. In summer, you can sleep on the rooftop terrace while watching the sky full of stars. In-house meals include Moroccan cuisine, desert local cuisine, and  long-term travelers.

This hotel will help travelers visiting the Sahara Desert to enjoy it at a low price and without worry.

About the inn 1 night with breakfast and dinner 150 Dirham per personne. and 1 night only It is a dormitory format for men and women.

Free service ・ wifi ・ Hot shower (available 24 hours) ・ Sheet sheets ・ Starry sky walk tour ・ Guide to Sahara scenic spots ・ Bus ticket arrangement ・ Arrangement of accommodation in each city ・ Travel plan consultation ・ Come Free lunch Applicants for lunch Moroccan cuisine, The owner of the inn was raised in Sahara. As a guide for photographers visiting the Sahara Desert for many years, we know the desert better than any other guide, and will guide you to the best scenic point for photography at that time. For those who wish, there are free tours of the desert starry sky and walking tours that introduce Berber people's lives.

Depart on the SUPRATOURS bus From Hassilabied Merzouga to Fes (19:00 departure, arrival in the next morning about at 05:30) to Marrakech from Hassilabied Merzouga Departs at 07:30am and arrival about at 20:30pm. Private bus There are services from Rissani to Fes, Casablanca, Tangier, Marrakech and other cities. CTM bus There is a service from Rissani to Fes. (From Fes to Hassilabied by Supratours bus depart at 20:30pm arrive about 05:00am from the bus stop to Wilderness Lodge just 200mtr). (From Marrakech by Supratours bus depart at 08:00am arrive Hassilabied about 21:00pm,  or by normal bus depart at 15:45pm to Rissani arrive about 06:00am, from Rissani you will ride on taxi about 20mnt to Hassilabied). Tickets from Merzouga can be arranged from our inn, but you can purchase tickets from each city at the ticket office of each bus company. ☆☆☆ Camel tours in the starry desert ☆☆☆ A camel tours in the starry desert produced by a Berber owner who grew up in Sahara and knows the spectacular views of the Moroccan desert. The Sahara Desert changes in a variety of colors throughout the day: African red, orange, pink, champagne gold.
The Sahara Desert changes in a variety of colors throughout the day: African red, orange, pink, champagne gold. Taking advantage of the experience of accompanying a camel tour as a guide of many professional photographers visiting the desert, we will guide you to the most beautiful point of view of the desert at that time. Slowly relaxed by a camel, you will enter the beautiful world of the Sahara Desert as if it will last forever. In a quiet daytime desert oasis, read a book, watch the red African red sunset over the horizon, and at night, a hot tasting pot made by a Berber man in a desert tent, a black desert living nomad living near the border of Algeria There are many other plans to enjoy the desert, such as home stays at home. Charges • “Sunrise or Sunset Camel Tour” 120 dh Short tour of about 1 hour.
Watch the sunrise and sunset in the Sahara desert, swaying by camels. (Camel tour fee 2 days and 1 night, departure in the evening, 300 dirham with dinner and breakfast, 2 meals). (About 10:00am Departure in the morning of 2 days and 1 night, 500 dirham with lunch dinner breakfast meal 3 times) in the middle of sahara. (3 days 2 nights 650 dirham 5 meals) around sahara. Red Desert, Black Desert Nomad Tent Inn Other nights can be arranged. Please feel free to contact us. * Luggage will be kept free of charge while on a camel tour. Those who participate in desert tours only can use breaks, showers, WIFI, etc. for free until the departure time of the tour bus or after the tour. Perhaps most people visit the Sahara once in a lifetime. It is a recommended tour that you can enjoy this place without worrying about. The Black Desert, which has no light, is the best point to see the starry sky in the Sahara Desert. The Milky Way and countless shooting stars are flying in the night sky. If you are lucky, you may see the moment when the meteorite falls!
Enjoy playing with local children innocently, making meals for nomadic mothers, seeing dads work, goats, sheep and camel grazing, and see the life of a family living in a vast land . After watching the sunset, the nomad mother's dinner. Please enjoy the full starry sky shining in the darkness of Black Desert. If you wish to ride to Marrakech at 07:30am, you can leave the camp early in the morning and transfer to the bus stop after breakfast. First of all, please contact us so that we can respond to detailed requests flexibly.
It rents out essentials for desert tours, turban, Juraba, Gandura, and folk costumes from the desert. We have a variety of items that will color one of your memories. During the round trip around the desert by chartering 4WD and Berber taxis, the gnawa culture that was secretly inherited by black slaves brought from Morocco and North Africa from West Africa during the Middle Ages. A facility where you can experience the traditional music of Gnawa that Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix were intoxicated, see the excavation of Ammonite, a ruined village in a French period like a movie set, as if you were on Mars A tour of the Black Desert nomads' homes with beautiful desert views.
For lunch, you can buy goats and sheep from nomads, BBQ on the spot, and popular Berber pizza introduced The price varies depending on the car and the number of people. Please contact us for details as we will estimate according to your budget. Reservations Wilderness Lodge is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please inform us of your name, number of people, gender, arrival date, bus company and passport number when making your reservation. Even if you make a reservation just before departure, we will always check your reservation before the bus arrives. If you can't connect, please leave a message on the answering machine. Please inform us of cancellation within 2 days of your stay.
. Even if you do not make a reservation, you can use it as soon as the room is available.

My name is (Ammar Ouargaga) the owner of Hotel (Auberge Restaurant Wilderness Lodge) I am berber people and I speak about 8 languages, never been student before,  just by my self.
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